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Like many of us, my life has not been a planned journey, with each step along the way known well in advance. But what a ride it has been! I love to create, and my inner spirit has expressed itself through music composition, writing, theatre performance, photography and visual art. I am a professional stage performer, singer and director, as well as a Certified Professional Photographer, a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild.

I've had the great good fortune to have traveled all over the world, and have published photography books from my trips to Michigan and France.

Did I mention I'm from Michigan? I love Northern Michigan!

I do love Indiana, too. The Indianapolis area is where I raised my 3 children and where my eight beautiful grandchildren live. And where I now have my Portrait and Fine Art Photography business.

I've had such a nice, long, fulfilling life that I can't believe I get to be a Photographer, too!

(I joke that I'm so old, if I die during your session, you get 50% off. *Note: of natural causes only!)

But trust me when I say - time rushes by faster than you can imagine.

I have no intention of letting it get away.

Self-painted portrait of Suzanne Stark


So let me ask... where do you find fulfillment? In your job? Your friends? Your family? I find a great sense of fulfillment when I can help others experience what it means to be fully present in their own lives. That means helping them to feel all the feels, whether it is emotional reactions to music or the belly laugh of a well-timed line onstage, or the love that hits you like a ton of bricks when you gaze at the image of someone dear to your heart.

Embracing all the aspects of our multi-faceted lives is what makes life so joyous. I can't wait to meet you and find out what brings joy to your life!




Photographers constantly evolve as artists. Conferences, seminars, conventions, classes and ongoing online education are only part of how we grow.


A great way to continually improve is to enter Image Competitions. Competing against other artists and photographers is a wonderful way to improve and learn - and I do enjoy doing just that.

I have been lucky to advance each year in both winning and educating myself! 

Some Winning Images
Suzanne Stark Photography (49 of 135).jpg
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