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Maternity & Newborns


Are you expecting a baby? Or is there a brand new little bundle of joy in your life? I would love to meet you and hear about this wonderful part of your story!

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Baby Blessings




You've waited so long to hold your baby in your arms, and now that you are, your heart feels like it might burst!

Everyone is probably telling you to soak in every moment while you can: the sleepless nights, the feedings and diapers changes, the little coos and chubby fists and the dimples on the elbows and the smell of that baby neck. It sometimes feels like it will never end, especially because you are likely sleep deprived and haven't changed clothes in a week!

But everyone is right - this time with your newborn flies! You won't believe how quickly they change.

You know what I am going to say - don't miss your moment to capture this infinitely precious time in your baby's life. The photos you take now will be irreplaceable.

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